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Make Ready With Bill Rogers - Reactive Carbine Training DVD, Rogers - HolsterOps

Make Ready With Bill Rogers - Reactive Carbine Training DVD

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Back to the mountains of Georgia to the Rogers Shooting School where you'll learn from Bill Rogers what he employs at the school for reactive carbine shooting. 

To train for success under real life time conditions, Bill Rogers developed a training program and a high speed moving target system. The program replicates the minimal amount of time a shooter will have to successfully neutralize an adversary. Using this system, the Rogers Shooting School specializes in teaching students to successfully engage and hit small reactive targets that are moving and only exposed for a fraction of a second. We call this type of shooting skill, Reactive Shooting. Unlike conventional target and training systems, the shooter must react to the target's exposure, and successfully shoot it down in the time the target is available. Like in a real life battle, sometimes the targets require multiple hits before going down. This training reinforces the critical skill of "following through". We have refined the target system and training program for the last 25 years and have proven year after year that no other facility can compete with us for this type of training. That is why special military and police units are sent to the Rogers Shooting School from all over the world!

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