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Safariland 6072 Hi Ride Universal Belt Loop (UBL), Safariland - HolsterOps

Safariland 6070 Mid Ride UBL, 6072 Hi Ride UBL, and 6075 Low Ride Universal Belt Loop (UBL)

$ 16.00

Will mount to a holster to provide a 2" or 2-1/4" belt loop. Comes with (3) 8-32 x 3/8" screws.  

  • Mid Ride UBL 6070          Safariland 6070UBL Mid RideSafariland 6070UBL Mid Ride on Belt
  • Hi Ride UBL 6072           Safariland 6072 Hi Ride UBL
  • Low Ride UBL 6075     Safariland 6075UBL Low RideSafariland 6075UBL Low Ride on Belt
  • The Low Ride drop version places holster 1.5" below wait

For issues with comfort and back problems when wearing UBL's for long duty periods try out the UBL Pad:

6070UBL & 6075UBL Pad        UBL Pad     UBL Pad

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