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Safariland 745BL Belt Clip with QLS22 Receiver Plate, Safariland - HolsterOps

Safariland 745BL Belt Clip with QLS22 Receiver Plate

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Safariland Model 745BL Belt Clip Holster Mount with QLS 22

  • Enables users to firmly attach their holster to their belt using the belt clip.  Works with all standard belts from 1.5" to 2.25" wide.
  • Easy to clip over your belt, without having to remove belt from loops. 
  • Spacer allows for easy adjustment of belt widths
  • With the QLS 22 attached, the 745BL is ready to accept any holster equipped with the QLS 19 holster fork.
  • 745BL is only available in Black, with QLS 22 receiver plate in your choice of Black or FDE

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