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Safariland Hi-Ride 6072UBL with QLS 22, Safariland - HolsterOps

Safariland Hi-Ride 6072UBL with QLS 22

  • The 6072UBL is a duty holster belt mount. This extremely strong and tough belt mount conforms to your body to keep your holster as close to you body as possible
  • Made from extremely strong fiber-reinforced Nylon, this belt mount withstands Safariland's rigorious "Snatch-Testing" standards
  • This prodcut works well with the Safariland QLS or MLS systems or just direct mount your holster to the 6072UBL .
  • Available in 2" and 2 1/4" belt loop openings and also comes in a low-ride and mid-ride version.
  • With the QLS 22 attached, the UBL is ready to accept any holster equipped with the QLS 19 fork.

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