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KleenBore GunnySock Rifles & Shotguns - Holsterops

KleenBore Rifle/Shotgun GunnySock 52" Storage Bag

$ 11.68

Rifle/Shotgun Storage Bag, Sock-StyleKleenBore

MODEL: GunnySock SKU: 1009455 PART: GSVCI161

  • Corrosion during storage can be a real problem for rifles and shotguns.
  • To prevent this, KleenBore™ has applied Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor technology to a convenient and easy to use gun sock style cover.
  • Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor technology penetrates into the smallest cracks and crevices of firearms that oils may not reach, offering unbelievable long term protection against corrosion.
  • Gunny socks also offer a cushioning layer of protection around your firearm
  • Slides over mounted scopes
  • Perfect for seasonal storage and travel
  • Size to 52" in length

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