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Rogers Enhanced LCR Grip

$ 24.95

Rogers Enhanced LCR Grip


The Rogers Enhanced LCR Grip for the Ruger LCR adds support for the full hand without sacrificing concealment.  The grip moves the hand higher on the back strap of the revolver to substantially reduce muzzle flip when firing.  The Rogers LCR Grip fits more hand sizes because of the reduction and placement of the finger grooves.  The choice of the material allows a smoother draw from pocket holsters and prevents the grip from "grabbing" to clothing while drawing.  The aggressive textured pads on both sides of the grip increase control of the revolver while firing.  The "tabs" that flare out on either side of the trigger guard allow it to catch and sit on top of the belt so it can be worn as an IWB without a holster.

  • Allows for a smoother draw
  • Extends grip down for a full hand grip
  • Enhanced grip texture on both sides adds in retention and grip
  • Can be worn IWB without a holster
  • Allows for higher indexing on the weapon for better control

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