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Rogers Gun Cleaning Rinse #3, 11 FL OZ

Rogers Gun Cleaning Rinse #3, 11 FL OZ

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The Rogers Gun Cleaning Rinse is the third step in the Advanced Gun Cleaning process. The Rogers Gun Cleaning Rinse is a mild solvent used to flush the entire firearm after the use of the Bore Compound and Action Cleaning Gel. It must be reduced with water in an approximate ratio of one part concentrate to five parts water. It is the final step in cleaning the firearm and has powerful anti-corrosive and light lubricating additives. Excess Rinse Agent should be shaken or blown off to prevent long drying times. The firearm components should be allowed to air dry before final lubrication and assembly. The rinse is electrically conductive and should be used with care around electronic sights that are not sealed. Like the rest of the Advanced Gun Cleaning Solutions Kit the Gun Cleaning Rinse is water-based once diluted as prescribed above and is no more harmful to the user or the environment than common dishwashing detergent. Follow instructions carefully, as there is no other product like it on the market. For superior results use with the Rogers Bore Squeeg-E Cleaning Kit.

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