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Rogers Single Caliber Bore Squeeg-E™ Rifle Cleaning Kits

Rogers Single Caliber Bore Squeeg-E™ Rifle Cleaning Kits

$ 19.95

These Rogers Single Caliber Rifle Cleaning Kits are the perfect compact solution for caliber or weapon specific bore cleaning. The Rogers Bore Squeeg-ETM Cleaning System is the best gun cleaning system on the market. It revolutionizes the cleaning process by completely eliminating the need for patches or swabs and cleans better than those traditional systems as well! The Bore Squeeg-ETM system leaves a mirror finish inside your bore with a single pull. These single caliber compact kits come with everything you’ll need to clean the gun’s barrel. They are available in all common pistol, rifle, and shotgun calibers. Replacement parts and cleaning compounds are avilable. Just think, the last cleaning kit you’ll ever have to buy and NO MORE PATCHES!

Kit includes everything you'll need to clean the specified caliber barrel.

  • 20" Cable
  • Caliber specific nylon brush
  • Caliber specific Bore Squeeg-E™
  • Flux bristle brush with scraper
  • Rogers Bore Cleaning Compound
  • Cable pull "T" handle
  • Compact carry case/cleaning tube
  • Instructions sheet

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