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Rogers Single Point Rifle Harness (SPH), Rogers - HolsterOps

Rogers Single Point Rifle Harness (SPH)

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AR/M4 Single Point Harness


This is a one of a kind item that you won't find anywhere else. This Patented single point shoulder harness was designed for performance and will outperform all other slings or harnesses on the market. It has several features that are unique and separate it from the competition.

  1. Quick disconnect that allows the operator to attach or disconnect the rifle with ease, even with gloves.
  2. Locking disconnect allows the operator to lock the connector so the rifle won't ever mistakenly be dropped if the connector gets bumped.
  3. A medium width 1" smooth nylon-web strap that allows the operator to slide the strap on the body to get the rifle to your back, freeing up your hands and the front of your body.
  4. Non-elastic band which is a must for running (you don't want the rifle bouncing and beating you up while running) and helping the operator properly position the rifle while transitioning to the prone position. The strap can be adjusted for optimum play, allowing the operator to shoot from either shoulder without making any adjustments.
  5. A clever fiber reinforced Nylon coupler attaches directly to tube of the rifle's collapsible stock
  6. Available in either black or flat dark earth colors


Quick Release AR/M4 Single Point Rifle Harness

Quick Release Operation

Rotate collar housing to the unlocked position and pull release collar back.

Pull quick release plug from socket.

Quick Release Harness System Disconnected

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